What this forum is for.

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What this forum is for.

Post  Admin on August 30th 2010, 9:39 pm

Hello teens,

This is Loc and Brenda Very Happy
You might be wondering what this forum is really for, well we're here to clear that up. We created this forum so that you guys have a place to communicate with each other outside of the teen center. That includes:

-reminding each other of upcoming meetings
-talking about events
-organizing activities
-asking any questions you might have

...and overall simply helping each other out.
This forum is your space so use it to your advantage. It's also a safe place where you can talk to your friends. You're welcome to be silly but please, as always, respect each other. Any name calling or put downs will be deleted by us. You are each other's friends and resources so please act accordingly.

With that said, have fun and enjoy your new forum!



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