New Wellness Program

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New Wellness Program

Post  Admin on September 5th 2010, 3:35 pm


So as you all know we're working to start a wellness program for the Teen Center! We're hoping to be able to provide our community members with a much more practical and applicable approach to living a healthy life. Instead of it being a one or two time workshop, we're planning that over the course of this year our team will be coaching and teaching our community not just the general information that we need to know about what's good or bad for our bodies but we're also going to be teaching the decisions we can make on a daily basis to reach our healthiest selves. Wow, that has got to be a tag line from a fitness video Very Happy

Just to give you a little peak at what we're planning...we're going to be giving classes about the following topics:
  • Healthy sleeping do you plan for a good nights sleep? Are there any habits or things in your diet that are keeping you from falling asleep? How important is sleep anyways?
  • Healthy eating habits...we're not just going to tell you what not to eat and throw you out in the cold, we're going to teach you healthy substitutes for the things you are currently eating. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring! You'll learn this later on. I'm planning some taste testing or healthy meal potlucks.
  • Exercise! Are there certain work outs that work better than others? How often should you exercise? We're not going to teach you guys about exercise, we're going to actually exercise! Luis has agreed to let us steal you after the teen center closes for weekly strength training, yoga and pilates. Muahaha!
  • We're going to learn about emotions...what causes them? And after learning what causes them...what can we do to regulate them?
  • Stress management...What happens to our bodies when we're stressed? What can we do about it?
  • Meditation...How do you do it? Does it even help? We're going to learn breathing exercises and mindfulness that can help you deal with your stress where ever you go.
  • Happiness
  • Getting old
  • Motivation...Why do our actions often times contradict our beliefs? What can we do to fix that?

...and more! We're hoping to organize this program in a way that we think our youth will enjoy and will give them the most benefits. The whole point of a wellness program is to enhance our physical, mental, and emotional status.

We're going to be using the forum and the website to keep in contact with you guys from outside of the teen center so stay tuned!



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